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Welcome to Shin’Ar!

    The history of Shin’Ar begins at the dawn of time. When time began, there were 12 heavenly beings. They imprisoned one of their own for bringing into existence an evil power simply known as Void.

    Astrology is based on those 12 deities. To honor those deities, the constellations were named after them. When the power of the Void was brought into existence by Sagittarius, the other 11 imprisoned him in the very dimensional portal he used to bring the void into our dimension. Sagittarius has begun to break through his shackles and will soon be able to influence the lesser beings...humans.

    You are a watcher in a land that is starting to be influenced by Sagittarius' evil. As a watcher, you are ordained by the 11 to stop the spread of this evil in its tracks. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Aether will be at your disposal.

You are one of the chosen… You are a Watcher.

Elements of the game include

  • The exploration of a mythically unleashed world
  • Surviving the world of Shin’Ars dangers
  • Interaction with its inhabitants
  • Building a base
  • Uncovering the story of this mystical world.
  • Appealing stylized character design and beautiful landscapes
  • Unique merge of western and eastern fantasy
  • Constant expansion of content by including new interactable NPCs and storylines

Key Features

  • Simple gameplay that still feels rich and immersive
  • Creative and customizable spell casting system
  • Large and versatile and beautifully designed open world
  • Combat RPG and survival elements merge nicely into an engaging game experience.

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